Bracelet Tattoo Designs - Tattoos For Your Wrist and Ankle

Published: 12th August 2009
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Bracelet tattoos your on the wrist and ankle are popular tattoo themes for both men and women. The wrist and the ankle are bony parts of the body. These are sensitive areas with lesser fats and a lot of nerve endings, so this makes the tattooing process rather painful. However, a lot of people still go for a wrist or an ankle tattoo because it's attractive and interesting. It can be made visible or can be hidden easily.What more? This type of tattoo theme has a lot of different styles and variations. Design choices are infinite. Inspirations are endless.

Flowers and leafy vines are some of the most favored bracelet tattoo designs . When inked around the ankle, this design can make you look classy. It could also show your love for nature. If you want to have a permanent accessory on your wrist of ankle, you can pick a colorful charm bracelet tattoo. This design is usually seen on women. Men, on the other hand, or anybody who wants to look rough and tough, go for a stark black barbed wire tattoo. Rosary beads, which can show one's spirituality, are great bracelet tattoo designs on the wrist or ankle too. Classic tribal and Celtic designs are always great choices for this type of tattoo theme. There are different styles and variations, so the chance of having a design that's very, very common is slim.

Now remember, getting a bracelet tattoo around your ankle or wrist can be painful so be ready for it. There are numerous designs for this type of tattoo, so you got to be sure of the design that you want. With the help of a talented tattooist, your design can be unique and original. Make sure your tattoo shows your individuality and highlights the statement that you want to express.

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